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A day in the life of our aircrew

A day in the life of our aircrew

A major resources company commissioned AAM, a Woolpert Company to capture aerial survey data for some of their Australian operations. Join us, as Airborne Operations Manager Dorian Munting and his talented team share a day in the life of our aircrew.

Like always, weather predictions are required to determine if capture is achievable, and ensuring thorough cooperation between AAM and our client, to deliver successful outcomes.  

Airborne Systems Operator Richard Lincoln, starts his day well before sunrise to analyse current and forecast weather call blast contacts for scheduled mine blast times and work out the most practicable, economical and safe flying route to achieve the days objectives. On this day, the morning conditions were unsuitable for LiDAR and Imagery capture at all locations but forecast to improve later in the day.  

That same day, our client sent through a photo showing less residual cloud than earlier. With checks of the Meteorological Aerodrome Reports (METAR), Terminal Area Forecast (TAF), satellite images, and updated weather forecasts, Richard made the assessment of when cloudbase would be suitable for capture. Now the capture process can progress, updating the Project Manager, submitting the revised Situation Report, and preparing the aircraft for take off 

On arrival to the site, the conditions were suitable to proceed with the aircraft tail dragging through the cloudbase, just above than the planned flying height. 

Just five hours later, our Airborne Operations team captured all required sites, with great cooperation with the client. Following this, routine flight checks and data extraction and upload to our LiDAR and Imagery processing teams were achieved to meet the required 12 hour turnaround on deliverables. This is what we call a successful day out of the office! 

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