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AAM’s Survey excellence awarded AEO

AAM’s Survey excellence awarded AEO

Oleg Bondarenko  (TfNSW),  Daniel Smith (AAM), Mark Freeburn (AAM CEO), Alexis Walburn (AAM), Gergana Rowntree (TfNSW) , Luke Homann (TfNSW)


AAM’s survey excellence has been recognised by Asset Standards Authority (ASA) within the NSW government. AAM Survey recently obtained accreditation as an Authorized Engineering Organisation (AEO).

ASA, is the independent body for setting design and network standards across all New South Wales. Formed in 2014 by the NSW Government, ASA develops and maintains the engineering governance framework that takes a “whole of asset” lifecycle approach that covers all Transport for NSW, industry and operators of NSW transport assets.

To obtain AEO certification, AAM were required to demonstrate  commitment to OH&S and quality systems through documented evidence of AAM’s ability manage the risks associated within AAM’s scope of works.

As an AEO, AAM joins a select list of industry leaders to deliver and maintain rail assets across New South Wales by assuring:

  • Safety and assurance arguments for engineering work
  • Coordination of asset and service delivery with the end user
  • Management of related stakeholder activities
  • Engineering work for safety and integrity

“Being recognised as an AEO underpins AAMs long experience in the NSW infrastructure industry.  The AEO certification highlights our commitment to delivering valuable solutions to our clients through technical excellence and a commitment to safety and quality. AAMs specialist surveying and spatial capabilities will continue to deliver benefits to the future of NSW Transport and we look forward to working with our clients and partners for the betterment of NSW.”  

Braith McClure, GM Surveying.

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