3D Customs House Sydney


Hot Wheels’ ™ ground breaking promotion required accurate 3D building models for its success. The model was used for 3D projection mapping onto the heritage listed Customs House in Sydney. 3D mapping projects images onto a three dimensional surface showcasing its appearance more dynamically.


Designing stunning effects meant visualisation of the building’s façade was essential. Accurately modelling the building ensured an illusion of movement was achievable. Our model was distortion-adjustable resulting in a significantly more enhanced film version.

The model was later reemployed to design a projection celebrating 50 years of Dr. Who.


AAM’s High Definition Survey (HDS) team captured the façade using Terrestrial Laser Scanning. Design agencies could then improve short films without being burdened by distortion. View the HotWheels ™ promotion here.


Our solution delivered:

  • A highly accurate, data rich 3D model;
  • Detailed existing condition of the building façade;
  • The ability for animators to comprehensively visualise the building’s aspects.