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Ararat Prison Dilapidation Survey


The project management company refurbishing Ararat Prison became insolvent mid-restoration, with Brookfield Multiplex set to duly take over. Successful completion meant an understanding of the progress made to-date was required by industry professionals.

Client Challenges

Management’s primary concern was understanding the project’s progress through detailed documentation while avoiding liability for previous defects. It was critical to deliver comprehensive site information prior to continuing. This image shows the site’s state left by the previous builder with Brookfield understandably seeking records should any claims ever be made.

While the site’s drawings standards appeared high, the as-constructed documentation was outdated. We helped Brookfield understand the:

  1. Construction component’s progress levels
  2. Key differences between ‘as-design’ and ‘as-constructed’
  3. Potential risks regarding defective components and their liability.
  4. Site’s security-related elements and details



AAM Solution

We created a comprehensive site video recording a detailed understanding its existing conditions.

AAM utilised Brookfield’s site plans as an underlay for marking the video route. This provided a much simpler site interpretation. We also arranged access directly with the centre management resulting in zero access limitations.

Client Benefits

Brookfield’s confidence in completing the project significantly heightened given the comprehensive analysis provide by AAM. All existing construction works were clearly recorded, safeguarding Brookfield from potential future enquiries.

We also assisted with additional design works survey requests.

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