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North Connex Dilapidation Survey


The New South Wales and Federal Governments constructed the new North Connex motorway, efficiently linking Sydney’s M1 and M2. Its 9km tunnel included interchanges to the north and south accommodating connections at both ends.

AAM provided detailed records including videos, testimonials and spherical imagery of the infrastructure’s pre-construction conditions.

Condition surveys must be undertaken on existing infrastructure within 50m of the Construction Site. This proposed site encompassed 1,800 private homes, 3 high schools, over 200 businesses, a convent, a golf course and 100km of roads.


As one of Australia’s largest dilapidation surveys ever undertaken, challenges including arranging access to properties would prove overwhelming for the Lend Lease Bouygues Joint Venture (LLBJV) and AAM team.

AAM have extensive experience conducting dilapidation surveys understanding the challenges surrounding entering private homes and businesses. Workplace health and safety considerations were also considered with systems implemented ensuring comprehensive surveyor safety.


Our dilapidation surveying expertise assisted us in securing the project’s contract. AAM uses a web-based GIS solution called VertiGIS Studio, enabling cloud storage of all dilapidation inputs whist providing our surveyors with a map base, contacts database and interactive interface for their surveys.

The interface is designed to ensure daily workflows remain efficient while the VertiGIS Studio solution allows LLBJV more structured access to dilapidation reports. This ensures privacy is maintained and enables accurate reporting to Government agencies.


AAM addressed all challenges prior to the project being completed successfully. The VertiGIS Studio web-based site now enables a single point of truth for the project dilapidation surveys, spread over a two-year build. AAM also performed aerial photography and Airborne Laser Scanning to supplement the dilapidation surveys inside properties.

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