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Introduction to Geocortex Printing

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1 day


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Introduction to Geocortex Printing

The Introduction to Geocortex Printing course gives you the skills and knowledge to produce customised print templates so you can create map prints using the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 (GVH) and Esri’s Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS® (WAB).

Course Outline

  • Geocortex Printing Features
  • Print Maps in GVH and WAB
  • Configure Print Template Controls
  • Configure a Sample Print Template



To get the most out of this course the following prerequisites are recommended:

  • A fundamental knowledge of Geocortex technologies
  • A fundamental knowledge of ArcGIS technologies
  • A fundamental knowledge of GIS concepts
  • We recommend using two monitors for an ideal learning experience

Please note: if you do not meet these requirements, you may be asked to postpone your training until these prerequisites are met.

This is a self-directed training course that takes approximately 1 working day to complete. You will have access to the provisioned Geocortex training environment for 3 consecutive days.

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