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Innovative Use of K2Vi Software

Innovative Use of K2Vi Software

Innovative spatial analysis has been used to plan New Year’s Eve firework displays in Melbourne. The City of Melbourne Council simulated the New Year’s Eve spectacular using 3D visualisation. The Council added known launch locations into a spatial model of the Melbourne CBD. Analysts could then assess the impact that buildings and other obstructions would have from different vantage points.

The model, produced by AAM for the City of Melbourne using K2Vi, provided an accurate 3D environment for simulation. The ability to control the time of day to model at night time and output to a presentation package meant the results were as realistic as possible. The outcomes allowed council to test different vantage points and maximise the number of people able witness the display. The ability to identify popular spots also assisted in planning crowd management and control.

The thousands of people that attend Melbourne’s New Year’s Eve fireworks spectacular may not recognise the amount of planning that this involves each year. This is a great example of the use of geospatial products and 3D GIS to tell stories and provide practical outcomes. AAM is delighted to see this creative and innovative use of the K2Vi software. We hope to share more inventive uses in the future.

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