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RapidEye: Five Big Benefits now available in our region

RapidEye: Five Big Benefits now available in our region

Dr Gail Kelly from the AAM Business Development Team is pleased to report, “Our fifth year of  being a RapidEye Distributor of data and value- added services has been a positive one,  with applications of the data ranging from forestry, agriculture, land use monitoring,  REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation), to tracking coal seam gas expansion and disaster extent and severity mapping.”

In the last year or so, more than 500,000 square kilometres of RapidEye data has been provided from archive purchases and programmed new captures in a range of locations ranging from the Murray River in New South Wales, the Western Australia coastline and locations in Asia, Papua New Guinea and South America.

For those not familiar with RapidEye imagery, there are “Five Big Benefits” of this amazing service:

  1. Daily revisit capability as a result of 5 identical satellites
  2. Image acquisition angle often better than 15 degrees as a result of the 5 identical satellites
  3. An enormous archive/library of existing data – more than 5 billion square kilometres captured
  4. 5m Ortho image resolution readily accessed  via FTP pull
  5. Opportunity to influence areas of speculative collection over Australia

Contact the Imagery team at AAM today to discuss your current and future areas of interest.

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