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RapidEye imagery: 2 billion sq km in archive!

RapidEye imagery: 2 billion sq km in archive!

RapidEye, a leader in wide area, repetitive coverage of Earth through its constellation of satellites and advanced remote sensing-based services, announced today that it has imaged more than two billion square kilometers of satellite imagery now in its archive.

“This is a wonderful milestone in our history,” commented Wolfgang Biedermann, RapidEye’s CEO. “Two billion square kilometers of high resolution data is an extraordinary amount of imagery. To put this into perspective, the landmass of the entire world is approximately 150 million square kilometers; which means we have the equivalent of 13 full coverages of the Earth, and this increases daily. This is an excellent example of the imaging power of our system.”

Last week, RapidEye released its new online archive tool, “EyeFind”. Once the relevant images are located, an inquiry can be sent through EyeFind for a quote and estimated delivery time.

RapidEye invites everyone to try EyeFind to search and browse the imagery collected in the last two years, including the newest collections from the last 48 hours. You can search the EyeFind website now.

For further information on RapidEye, have a look at the RapidEye webpage.

Above: RapidEye global coverage

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