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AAM, a Woolpert Company transitions to Woolpert

AAM, a Woolpert Company transitions to Woolpert

As you would be aware, AAM was acquired by Woolpert in 2021. Since that time, we have been aligning our systems, resources, teams, and knowledge, while operating as AAM, a Woolpert Company.  

The next major step in this journey is the integration of our brand. As such, from May 2023, we are excited to now be known as Woolpert. 

New Chapter in the Asia Pacific

Woolpert delivers full-service geospatial solutions across the Asia-Pacific – including mapping, surveying, GIS and 3D content. Our expansive geospatial capabilities enable us to innovate within and across markets to serve public, private, and government clients worldwide. Woolpert has a century-long history, starting as an engineering and surveying firm in Dayton, Ohio, in 1911. Today, we’re an international firm with over 2,000 professionals in more than 60 offices on five continents. 

Within the Asia-Pacific, our clients have worked with various AAM companies and AAM people over many years, some since our inception in 1959. So, while our change of name to Woolpert is one of the biggest in our history, it also delivers a clear path for us to create new history as part of one of the world’s premier geospatial firms.  

What will not change is our continued focus on the quality capture, analysis, and delivery of geospatial data. The same person you are working with previously will be the same person today, just now sporting a Woolpert business card, uniform, or vehicle. 

While our evolution to become Woolpert is great, it is the evolution of geospatial services and expertise available to you that is truly remarkable. As part of Woolpert, we provide wider-reaching international partnerships, access to additional aircraft and sensors, global knowledge sharing and best practices, a deeper talent pool, integrated systems, and an enhanced focus on research and development… to name a few. 

That is the power of collaborative innovation that we, as Woolpert, provide in our position as a global geospatial specialist. 

Feel free to speak with your usual contact, or email us at asiapacific@woolpert.com, if you have any queries. 

We look forward to sharing more news as our transformative journey continues. 

Find us on the Woolpert website here. 

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