Woolpert acquires AAM – Global Geospatial Leader

Increasing their mapping and cloud-based geospatial data capabilities, combining technologies and best practices to optimally serve clients around the world.

Make more informed decisions with more certainty – faster.

Use the geospatial digital insights that underpin the biggest projects in Australia – and the world.


Time. Budget. Digital transformation.
Your pressures are immense.

When a poor decision can cost millions of dollars or add months to your projects you need to get it right. Your decision has to be based on the most robust geospatial insights in the world.

You manage complex projects and technology that is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. And you’ve got intense budget pressure, time pressure, plus the pressure of rapid digital transformation.

You don’t just need good data.

You need actionable insights derived from quality geospatial data to integrate seamlessly into your systems. Our data-driven geospatial insights underpin your entire project.

Our Partners and Memberships:

“One definition of integrity is ‘doing what you said you would do, when you said you would do it’. I think AAM’s work fits this definition very well.”

John Gibson

Senior GIS Analyst, Greater Wellington Te Pane Matua Taiao

“10 out of 10 for Timeliness, Budget and Work to Specification. AAM provides high quality deliverables, delivered on time, with clear communications.”

Leading Australian Natural Gas Producer

“I have been playing with AAM’s LiDAR data and it is fantastic! I shared some output with my team and they are over the moon about it.”

Multi-national Gold Exploration Company

“Deforestation, sea level rises, erosion of land — climate change can be measured and mapped with AAM. We provide real data to inform real action.”

David Brierley

Business Development Manager, AAM

“We’re flexible about creating solutions that are customised for budget and timeframe – and make sense for everyone.”

Chris Horner

Modelling Manager, AAM

“We’re all about capturing the data as is: the real world, the single point of truth for a moment in time.”

Ryan Kent

Business Development Manager, AAM



The best geospatial insights in the world

Make decisions quickly and confidently with AAM’s quality geospatial digital insights to guide you.

Use intelligent data formatted to boost your productivity, accelerate your digital transformation and to deliver your project on time and budget.

With AAM, you can make more informed decisions with more certainty faster.

“AAM didn’t just give us digital data. They gave us better decision-making.”


AAM Solutions


Some of our Projects

Bathymetric LiDAR for Waterway Management AAM were commissioned to survey for a project that involved 645 km2 over a…
Background AAM was commissioned to undertake Aerial LiDAR, A3 Digital Orthophoto Imagery, Oblique Imagery, Rendered 3D Building Models and…
In 2014 the Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore unveiled Virtual Singapore1, a dynamic three-dimensional (3D) city model and collaborative…

Industries we help

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Mining and Energy

Your spatial information partner using advanced technologies to boost mining and energy productivity, safety and compliance through the complete mining lifecycle.

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Reduce risk and deliver quality outcomes with expert spatial solutions for Government departments and agencies.

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Transport and logistics

Keep supply chains moving with smart mapping and modelling of transport and logistics assets and infrastructure.

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Architecture, engineering and construction

Bridging the gap between architecture, engineering and construction with geospatial mapping real world modelling from planning to asset management.

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Natural resources and renewables

Deliver sustainable impacts with natural resources and renewable mapping and modelling solutions.

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Geospatial services for utilities to start greenfield projects with the right geospatial datasets, and use as-built surveys across the asset lifecycle.

Are you in a different or emerging industry? Contact us about innovative new solutions.

Why clients choose AAM for geospatial insights


60+ years. 7,018 major projects recorded since 2017. We’ve worked in 42 countries. We know the ins and outs of every spatial project.

End to end solutions

We offer the full spectrum of services within the geospatial process from data capture through to insight reporting.

Advanced technology

We offer the most integrated, detailed and accurate solutions.

Tailored & configured

Our digital geospatial solutions are fully configurable to your existing digital systems.

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