Natural resources and renewables

Track and measure real outcomes for sustainable ROI

Advanced digital aerial and all-terrain mapping and spatial analysis helps plan, launch, monitor and measure the difference you make to natural and renewable resources to support improved production and delivery.

Why choose AAM for natural resources and renewables management

Our resources are positioned for flexible data capture, rapid processing and on-time delivery.

Smarter monitoring

Assess impact and inform next steps

Environmental tracking

Compare datasets for big picture intelligence over time

Confident decisions

Data to support sustainable progress



“Our clients get a set of data that follows them and can be updated throughout the project lifecycle.”

Michael De Lacy - AAM

How the natural resources and renewables sector uses geospatial services


3 steps from data capture to actionable insights

The technology might be advanced, but we move from capture to better decision making in 3 simple steps.

Capture the data

Analyse the data

Visualise the data


What to look for in resources and renewables geospatial services

Supporting the natural resources and renewables sector

Improving outcomes in natural resource management with spatial mapping and analysis for industry, business and government.

Tools supporting natural resources and renewables projects

An advanced toolkit to establish, monitor, and measure sustainable initiatives for business and government.


“We’re seeing a tidal wave of projects in this area that’s going to dominate the market.”

David Brierley - AAM


Deliver sustainable impacts with natural resources and renewables solutions