Mapping the Urban Landscape

Deliver smarter and safer solutions with 3D mapping

Investing in a 3D digital twin of your environment allows you to plan, build, deliver, and assess the impact of your project before your team sets foot on the ground. Make data-driven decisions, realise cost-savings, and reduce risk for modelling actual and potential scenarios in the virtual world.



“We have the skills to build these solutions from the ground up with what we've learned and achieved over the last 60+ years.”

Chris Tanner - AAM

Precision mapping and analysis of urban landscapes

With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Wollongong, Brisbane and Perth, our survey teams are available nationwide to provide you with quality, accurate data to support your business goals.

Whether you’re building a smart city, a telecommunications network, or valuing commercial real estate, our mapping technology, scientific expertise and objective analysis allows you to use spatial data to make more informed decisions.

Why invest in detailed urban mapping data and GIS solutions



Why choose AAM Group to map your urban environment

How we map your urban landscape


Aerial Survey for large area mapping

We capture imagery and LiDAR data with manned aircraft to effectively map large areas. UAV or drone surveying is another appropriate survey technology suitable for certin situations.


Supplement with ground survey data

If required, we gather more survey data from the ground. Our registered surveyors conduct on site surveys or use Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) on moving vehicles.


Data process & delivery

Survey and mapping data are quickly processed and checked by our expert teams. We present and deliver spatial data in the client’s desired formats. This can range from high definition building models to mapping data that can be accessed and manipulated on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and digital platforms.

Work with qualified, experienced, safety-certified professionals

Our survey and technical specialists are located throughout Australia and have the qualifications, training and experience to deliver the solutions you need.

ISO 9001 accredited operations in Australia for effective quality management system

Licensed pilots for manned and unmanned aerial survey (UAV or drone)

Registered surveyors and expert data processing teams

How we’ve done it before

As one of the oldest and the largest geospatial companies in the Southern Hemisphere, we’ve evolved alongside changing technology and shifting expectations. Our expertise allows us to deliver solutions for projects that vary widely in size and complexity.

The tools we use


“People and quality of life and making things better – that’s what we’re about.”

Chris Tanner - AAM


Map your urban environment with Australia’s geospatial experts