Transport and logistics

Location intelligence to keep people and supply chains moving

Mapping transport networks is just the start of monitoring, maintaining and optimising the road, rail, air and marine transport infrastructure and assets that move people and goods.

As global mapping shifts to digitisation, our expert survey teams support data-driven decisions that boost safety, allow real time monitoring, and prioritise proactive asset management.

Why choose AAM for transport and logistics

Our resources are positioned for flexible data capture, rapid processing and on-time delivery.

People-first safety

360° site visualisations perfect for safety inductions and site training

Award winning data

5x winners of the Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards

Smarter monitoring

Manage and maintain assets and infrastructure with big picture intelligence



“Our clients come to us with a problem and we have a whole toolkit of solutions that we adapt to fit the problem. If the solution doesn’t exist, we build it.”

Rohan Potter - AAM

How transport and logistics use geospatial services


3 steps from data capture to actionable insights

The technology might be advanced, but we move from capture to better decision making in 3 simple steps.

Capture the data

Analyse the data

Visualise the data


What to look for in mapping and modelling services

AAM projects in the transport and logistics sector

Spatial intelligence supports transport and logistics providers to effectively manage resources and optimise operations.

Tools we use

An advanced toolkit to establish, monitor, and measure sustainable transport and logistics initiatives.


“We have the skills to build these solutions from the ground up with what we've learned and achieved over the last 60+ years.”

Chris Tanner - AAM


Support seamless supply chains with smarter geospatial services