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Architecture, engineering and construction

From planning to asset management with real world modelling

From the world’s tallest buildings to major Australian building projects, our expert survey teams capture, process and analyse detailed spatial mapping to support shared decision making with access to shared data in the field and the office.

Get clear oversight of project environments, see the fine details of properties and assets, and monitor the environmental impact of the built environment as we face the challenges of designing, building and refurbishing a pandemic-proof world.

Why choose AAM for design and construction projects?

Our resources are positioned for flexible data capture, rapid processing and on-time delivery.

People-first safety

360° site visualisations perfect for safety inductions and site training.


Tailored data capture, format and analysis from 5x winners of the Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards.

Faster turnaround

Make faster decisions with data processed in the cloud with AI to deliver faster.



“From planning and design through to construction and engineering, built environment professionals get clear oversight of their projects in the format that suits them.”

Chris Horner - AAM

How we support the built environment


3 steps from data capture to actionable insights

The technology might be advanced, but we move from capture to better decision making in 3 simple steps.

Capture the data

Analyse the data

Visualise the data


What to look for in AEC geospatial services

AAM projects

Our aerial and land survey teams provide support from site potential to due diligence through to as-built models.

Sunshine Coast Airport, represented by Rede Project Consulting, commissioned Woolpert to provide a Feature and Level Survey, 3D Laser…
Woolpert was commissioned to undertake Aerial LiDAR, A3 Digital Orthophoto Imagery, Oblique Imagery, Rendered 3D Building Models and Building…
In 2014 the Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore unveiled Virtual Singapore1, a dynamic three-dimensional (3D) city model and collaborative…

Tools we use

Investing in cloud technology and AI supports faster, higher quality, and more efficient project outcomes.


“Our technology makes it easy to share data, make informed decisions, and get everyone on the same page.”

Martina Smekalova - AAM


Build better with smarter geospatial solutions

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