What we do

AAM provides geospatial digital solutions for Australia’s biggest companies in mining, infrastructure, utilities, government and environment.

Our geospatial digital insights help our clients make more informed decisions with more certainty, faster.

We provide the full spectrum of end-to-end solutions from data capture through to 3D modelling to plug-and-play GIS apps.

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Why we do what we do

We measure, map and model our physical world to deliver the best spatial data for our clients.
We believe that location data and geospatial insights help us to better understand and manage our world.

Our solutions

Our digital geospatial solutions underpin the biggest projects in Australia, and the world.

The leaders in geospatial products and services

We are the sole distributors of world-leading solutions such as Geocortex and market leaders in LIDAR, 3D modelling, BIM and Geocirrus.

Find out more about our leading products and services:

Aerial Survey Imagery

Aerial Survey

AAM delivers reliable aerial survey outputs, generated with state of the art technology, backed by many decades of experience. Your assets are captured in incredible detail, enabling you to make better informed decisions

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Geocirrus 3D Content

AAM has an extensive catalogue of 3D content. You can explore and purchase this content through the Geocirrus store. Geocirrus is where quality spatial content and convenience converge.

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Recent examples of what we do

Singapore Smart City

In 2014 the Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore unveiled Virtual Singapore1, a dynamic three-dimensional (3D) city model and collaborative data platform, including the 3D maps

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What we can do for you

Find out what our geospatial insights and digital solutions can do for you. Call us or request a free consult.