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Geocirrus – your access to high quality Woolpert spatial content

Woolpert has an extensive catalogue of 3D content. You can explore and purchase this content through the Geocirrus store. Geocirrus is where quality spatial content and convenience converge. You can search, discover and purchase geospatial data from an easy to use portal.


Geocirrus – make better decisions using high quality spatial content

Our expertise in business mapping, asset information, geographic information system (GIS) projects and enterprise solutions, and location-based services ensure Geocirrus content is accurate, timely and reliable.


Geocirrus – 3D Models for Architects

Whether you’re a developer, architect, or urban planner, you need accurate 3D building models for feasibility studies, concept design, and development application (DA) preparation.

Geocirrus 3D models are a purpose-fit spatially accurate representation of your site, built to exacting standards, assured by rigorous quality management processes.

From local government to major architectural firms, Geocirrus 3D models serve as a single point of truth for some of the most significant projects in Australia, and the world.

Geocirrus content includes a variety of high quality outputs in a variety of data types:

High resolution 3D Photomesh

Use Geocirrus to analyse, measure and plan using a realistic and spatially accurate representation of the real world.

Realistic 3D city modelling

Explore the current status of the built environment in fine detail to enhance future design, construction and ongoing management.


View comprehensive imagery of locations and assets that you can use to perform measurements of environmental and built features.


Detailed models of the earth’s surface and buildings captured via LiDAR that provide you with high levels of height accuracy.


"Very happy with the accurate, detailed and functional 3D Building Models we sourced from Geocirrus. Our software was readily compatible with the formats provided by Woolpert. These models have been instrumental in contextualising and analysing sites in our design process".

National Sector Lead

ANZ Architectural firm

Tailored Geocirrus content:
Easy to discover. Easy to acquire.

Visit our Geocirrus site to discover the high quality spatial content available for purchase.

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