Laser Scanning to BIM: Melbourne City Baths


The iconic Melbourne City Baths, which first opened in 1860, provides health and fitness facilities and maintains the largest swimming pool in the Melbourne CBD. Although it is a beautiful building, it is showing its age. In response to the need to pro-actively manage the site, the City of Melbourne has demonstrated leadership in heritage documentation by commissioning a “digital twin” of the building.

The Challenge

  • The structure is spread over a triangular site with three levels and a complex undercroft beneath the pools.
  • The site contains two pools, gyms, sports facilities, offices and commercial spaces. Conducting onsite surveying for such a wide variety of spaces was a challenge. The site is also extremely complex in terms of its façade detail and myriad of small rooms and tight stairways.



The Solution

AAM were commissioned to carry out laser scanning around and throughout the building. This included office spaces, back of house, the undercroft and areas long closed to the public.
AAM used advanced laser scanning technology to capture dense point cloud data across the site, mostly at night.
The significant data set of point cloud information was then packaged into smaller portions to enable AAM’s team of modellers to work both independently and collaboratively.

The Results

The parametric REVIT model, with fully individual and editable elements, will enable all stakeholders working on the current and future management of the site to collaborate within this digital twin. This single source of truth, which is spatially accurate, will provide ongoing benefits.

View our highly accurate and visually impressive parametric REVIT model of the Melbourne City Baths here

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