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VertiGIS Studio Web Mapping

Easy to use mapping workflows


Woolpert is the sole official distributor of VertiGIS Studio products for the Oceania region. You can verify our partner status here.

Through our Geospatial Professional Services, we also help organisations succeed with their implementation of VertiGIS Studio products. Our Implementation Partner status can be viewed here.



Manage your complex mapping needs with ease

Woolpert’s VertiGIS Studio web mapping software saves you time and effort with its simple configuration and automated workflows.

Makes GIS data more accessible

VertiGIS Studio is a cost-effective solution to meet the GIS needs of planning and infrastructure professionals. It’s ‘out-of-the-box’ functionality is easily deployed and used, so you don’t need to build or code your own GIS solution or be a GIS professional to use it. Key features include:

Sole distribution

As the sole distributor of VertiGIS Studio in Australia/New Zealand, Woolpert has developed a strong partnership with the software developers. You receive all product updates from us, direct from the makers, so it’s the most up to date and accurate information.

Full-service suite

In-house delivery for consultation, implementation, ongoing maintenance and technical support. As an integrated solution you can feel confident your project will transition from one phase to the next, using a single source supplier.


Select from a range of product modules to configure VertiGIS Studio to your needs, including workflow, reporting, printing or the complete framework. You can focus on your project, knowing system functionality is sorted.


Save yourself some time and reach your goals faster, with VertiGIS Studio’s WYSIWYG interface that can be easily configured without custom code or building a GIS solution from scratch.

Ease of use

VertiGIS Studio is so easy to use, you don’t need an in-house GIS professional or have technical GIS knowledge, helping to keep your project costs down, while making the data available to more users in your organisation.

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VertiGIS Studio makes your life easier

You know your organisation needs GIS software. But there are major concerns about choosing the right product for your needs and then having it installed and configured correctly. You need a data system that’s easy to access and understand, so you can make informed, data-driven decisions. And you have key stakeholders, that may include the wider public, so the data must be accessible and understood by people who aren’t GIS professionals.

Woolpert can help manage your project from start to finish.

From understanding if VertiGIS Studio is the right solution for your organisation through to implementation, training and on-going support.

As the sole distributor of VertiGIS Studio in Australia and New Zealand, Woolpert has direct access to the most reliable source of information regarding the product. This means you are kept up-to-date with the latest developments and advancements. And if you’re having trouble understanding what they are, our expert team will explain them in a way you understand.

GIS Support

If you are an existing client requiring support for your VertiGIS Studio, GIS or application development solutions – please submit a query below.


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VertiGIS Studio provides flexibility, functionality and configurability

Web mapping and selecting the right GIS to meet your needs can seem overwhelming – especially if you’re not a GIS professional. The collection, processing and presentation of spatial data can be very complex.

Which is why Woolpert’s implementation and maintenance of VertiGIS Studio has been such a success. Our expert team not only configure the solution to best meet your needs but will then provide training and support as you need it.

We help you get the results you want, without the headaches.

If you’d like to know more about VertiGIS Studio and its suitability for your organisation, book a consultation with one of our team today.

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GIS Support

If you are an existing client requiring support for your VertiGIS Studio, GIS or application development solutions – please submit a query below: