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At Woolpert, we have been measuring and mapping the Asia-Pacific for many years, since 1959 in fact. Our deep geospatial experience and expertise allows us to confidently push the boundaries in terms of content delivery and technology.

We work with our clients and partners to ensure the products and services we deliver are world class and tailored to suit.

Read more about the products and services we provide below.

Aerial Survey

Woolpert delivers reliable aerial survey outputs, generated with state of the art technology, backed by many decades of experience. Your assets are captured in incredible detail, enabling you to make better informed decisions

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Land Survey

OVERVIEW Our Land Survey Products Woolpert has a proven history in providing land survey services that enable delivery of major projects. With more than 60

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Geospatial Solutions

OVERVIEW Our Geospatial Solutions Considering geospatial information technologies or wanting to expand your usage? Woolpert can identify ways in which geospatial data, tools and services

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Geocirrus 3D Content

AAM has an extensive catalogue of 3D content. You can explore and purchase this content through the Geocirrus store. Geocirrus is where quality spatial content and convenience converge.

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Cadastral Consulting

Cadastral surveying for land developers and major projects. Woolpert cadastral consultants are experts in land boundaries and can help maximise your property development.

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Construction Survey

Work from facts not assumptions. Woolpert delivers validated survey data, grounded in real-life measurements and locations, so you can make informed, data-driven decisions.

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Modelling & BIM

Woolpert’s experienced modelling team delivers quality, data-driven models you can rely on – a high-quality, fit-for-purpose, on-time, on-budget solution.

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Monitoring Survey

Woolpert’s monitoring survey services go beyond just providing the raw data. Our expert team of monitoring surveyors will help you understand the data so you can derive actionable insights from it.

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Premium Support

Expert VertiGIS Studio and Esri ArcGIS support at your fingertips. Woolpert’s Premium Support service gives you on-demand access to a team of geospatial technology experts.

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Engineering Surveys

Woolpert’s engineering survey service is defined by its expertise and speed. Backed by 60+ years of experience in Australia, our team always strives to get you accurate answers in the shortest time frame possible.

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Cloud Managed Services

Reduce project costs and increase productivity. Woolpert’s cloud managed services lets you access all your spatial data, information and tools quickly and easily, anywhere you need.

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Application Development

Providing your complete geospatial app development needs. Woolpert is the most experienced developer of VertiGIS Studio applications in Australia, combined with extensive experience in Esri and open-source spatial technologies.

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Bathymetric Survey

Underwater survey data and 3D modelling. Woolpert has built a reputation of providing accurate and informative data to engineers and scientists, helping them manage projects in and around bodies of water.

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Laser Scanning

Reduce risk with accurate modelling and digital representations for your next project. Woolpert’s reputation as trusted advisors in the field of laser scanning provides data-driven certainty to all your planning and design needs.

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