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Enterprise GIS for PF Olsen


PF Olsen is New Zealand’s largest independent professional forestry services company serving Australia and New Zealand.

PF Olsen had a Geographic Information System (GIS) for some time but had come to a point where they needed to deliver more mapping capability to their staff, upgrade their existing GIS system and continue their Business as Usual tasks.

The Challenge

PF Olsen realised that managing an Enterprise GIS was not their core competency. They needed to outsource the execution of their GIS-related weekly tasks and planning as this required a breadth and depth of knowledge beyond their capability.

PF Olsen faced the normal challenges of any mature GIS site such as:

  • Needing to move to their enterprise the latest version of ArcGIS
  • Deploying web mapping quickly to improve efficiency 
  • Exteral help to diagnose their problems and strategise a way to overcome them
  • Realise their goals and opportunities through concrete plans and action
  • Prove the business case for proper investment in GIS capabilities


The Solution

AAM provided PF Olsen a health check and strategy process to investigate the people and systems of their current GIS. This included technical topics on hardware, network, PC’s, software implementation and usage, licensing, as well as meeting with users, business owners and key stake holders.

The health check provided a baseline record of systems and people and helped them to identify goals and key drivers.  It also included short, medium and long term action plans to  deliver value from GIS.

The Results

AAM worked with PF Olsen to deliver a GIS systems upgrade, web mapping for Australia and New Zealand and enterprise database changes to ensure PF Olsen could confidently adopt new GIS technologies as they emerged.

PF Olsen have delivered maps for everyone to enable their staff in New Zealand and Australia with spatial information.  Their web maps are easy to use and provide current business information quickly with dynamic linking to their Forestry management system.

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