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Smart City Solutions

Build visionary cities with 3D digital mapping

High resolution digital mapping lets you see the world as it is, in a highly visual 3D context providing a Digital Twin of the built environment.

3D Digital Twins support Smart Cities by providing better spatial analytics, scenarios and simulations.

Smart Cities of the future need to prepare for advancing technologies such as autonomous vehicles, 5G communications and IOT. These technologies all exist in the 3D space of the built environment that can be modelled accurately and effectively using Woolpert’s 3D solutions.

Woolpert’s Smart City solutions support the United Nations’ goals for sustainable cities of the future.



“Accurate 3D digital maps create a framework to do things better. We provide the map that the engineers and the lawyers can all agree upon and use to make decisions.”

Brian Nicholls - Woolpert

Boost efficiency and engagement with smart city modelling

With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Wollongong, Brisbane and Perth, our survey teams are ready to support your smart cities project.

Beyond simple mapping, we deliver high-resolution, detailed 3D models and design virtual scenarios so you can explore every option. Our team joins the dots between the technology and UN Sustainable Development Goals for cities that embrace quality of life.

How we create spatial foundations for Smart Cities


Map the basics

  • Capture LiDAR, aerial and oblique imagery
  • Process Digital Terrain Models
  • Create 3D building models


Fill the gaps

  • Supplement with on-site and ground surveying where needed
  • Utilise Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS)
  • Create a 3D GIS of the entire city


Create a Smart City

  • Access accurate 3D models and BIM for informed decision making across city planning, design and management
  • Monitor assets in real time with GIS applications

Why invest in Smart City solutions



Why choose Woolpert for your smart city solutions

Partner with accredited professionals

Our survey professionals are licensed, registered, and safety-certified. All data is analysed and modelled by a skilled and qualified information technology team.

ISO 9001 accredited Australian operations for effective quality management system

International Smart City mapping standards and conventions including CityGML, HTML5 and WebGL

Registered and licensed surveyors and pilots for regulated projects

How we’ve done it before

See how we’re helping smarten up cities by licensing existing mapped data or customising what you capture for one-off projects.

Woolpert was commissioned to undertake Aerial LiDAR, A3 Digital Orthophoto Imagery, Oblique Imagery, Rendered 3D Building Models and Building…
In 2014 the Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore unveiled Virtual Singapore1, a dynamic three-dimensional (3D) city model and collaborative…
Dynamic city planning through advanced GIS capability Porirua is located on New Zealand’s North Island, one of four cities…

The tools we use

It still starts with aerial imagery. Our advanced solutions are underpinned by traditional survey and mapping expertise, and keep up with international standards for Smart City technologies across sensors, IoT and more.


“Our smart cities skills have been built on really solid foundations of technology and traditional expertise. Making that connection gets you the outcome you need and ultimately helps make people's lives better.”

Chris Tanner - Woolpert


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