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UGL Train Carriages Modelling


UGL required high-accuracy 3D models of Sydney Trains’ “Tangara fleet” railcar interiors. We initially undertook a four-carriage test study checking the components’ consistency in preparation for the fleet’s refurbishment.


Our 3D carriage interior models included stairwells, vestibules, end saloons and drivers’ desks to assist with their redesign. Focus areas included geometric components like flat panels, complex curved fibreglass parts, hand rails, drivers’ consoles and interfacing components.




AAM’s High Definition Surveys (HDS) team captured interior areas with a Faro freestyle 3D handheld laser, scanning tight spaces otherwise deemed inaccessible. Colourised point cloud data helped us generate high-accuracy flexible railcar 3D models in flexible digital format.

AAM’s comparative 3D model deviation analysis was then used to compare geometry between train carriages. A colour heat map is created displaying shape variations, allowing design decisions to be better-made.


AAM delivered:

  • A detailed, editable 3D model to conveniently modify design requirements and machine new refurbishment moulds.
  • A complete existing condition report of the railcar’s areas of interest.
  • A colour heat map deviation analysis highlighting ‘designed’ and ‘built form’ differences.

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