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North QLD Bulk Ports

Creating smart ports with a full suite geospatial solution

North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation Limited (NQBP) administers seaport facilities at Hay Point, Mackay, Abbot Point, Weipa and Maryborough. Over 50% of Queensland’s trade, by-passes NQBP ports. It also manages its own security, safety, planning, maintenance and leasing.

The Challenge

Efficiency improvement and risk reduction.

Staffing limitations and outdated web mapping meant NQBP faced amounting GIS tasks and a geospatial application requiring a replacement. Their employees had to conduct analysis’ themselves or wait for an in-demand GIS officer. Unable to serve customers efficiently, spatial data was rendered inaccurate, severely effecting overall performance. NQBP required solutions that were:

  • Future-proof delivering value to all NQBP teams
  • Fully responsive and customisable, with mobile access to webmaps
  • Integrated with all NQBP systems.
  • Consistent with data, web map applications and analysis tools.

The Solution

Vertically integrated geospatial solution.

A full suite, vertically integrated solution was provided alongside a supporting GIS report. Our solution included:

  • A GIS audit report
  • Improved spatial foundation through enhancing the EsriArc GIS Server.
  • Web mapping enhancement – AAM incorporated custom web mapping applications into all NQBP business groups.

POAL’s web mapping system improves communication among port staff.

The Results

NQBP’s user base grows via enhance web mapping and customer service processes.

Our solution enables NQBP to more efficiently serve port customers while advancing its industry leadership.

  • Improves operations with superior geospatial technology
  • Refines its usability with more powerful and intuitive web map systems
  • Current spatial information reduces risks.

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