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Aerial LiDAR Survey

Actionable insights from data to spec, on time and within budget

Make informed decisions faster with data you can rely on

Decisions in managing your environment and assets hinge on timely and accurate aerial LiDAR data. Without it, you’re at risk of making costly, perhaps irreversible, mistakes.

Woolpert’s Aerial LiDAR surveying provides the data you need quickly, eliminating unnecessary delays and facilitating prompt action.

Our focus is ensuring you receive data that is precise and suitable for your specific needs. We help you pinpoint the right type and level of detail in your LiDAR data to make decisions with confidence. No excess, no shortfall — just the precise data required to achieve your objectives.


AAM Group are leaders in the development and delivery of airborne LiDAR surveying.

Each month, their industry specific leads access a global team of specialists, data processors and editors to transform billions of LiDAR points into actionable intelligence. Using cloud-based processing and machine-learning tools, you’ll have greater surety your decision-making is based on fact, not feeling.

“Gail Kelly’s thoroughness in understanding what we [Ergon Energy] needed was fantastic. Gail took the time to understand what we wanted for our end result, which meant she could craft a solution that met our immediate needs. But she also showed us how our LiDAR data could be used for other purposes in the future, which was invaluable.”


AAM’s LiDAR imaging isn’t just a cost code in a budget. It’s an investment in the success of your project today, and for the future.

The data you access can be multi-purposed across many aspects of your project, saving you time, reducing costs and minimising risks in your decision-making process.

AAM LiDAR surveying delivers value for money when used in conjunction with our XX service <link>, XX service <link> and XX service <link>.

Why use Woolpert’s airborne LiDAR surveying?

Expertise from 60+ years surveying and mapping

Woolpert introduced Australia to LiDAR technology for aerial mapping.  For decades we applied LiDAR surveying to a wide range of projects. We don’t just rely on the latest technology, we understand the science and principles that underpin geospatial data, photogrammetry, geodesy and information technology. Our expertise ensures you don’t just get more data, you get data that helps you make more informed decisions.

Rigorous systems to minimise errors

Woolpert has developed internal systems and processes to achieve third-party certification. Every year we invest time and effort in enhancing our predelivery quality assurance checks. Annual external certification of our ISO 9001:2015 system ensures we are focused on competency and continuous improvement in all areas. Our commitment to quality ensures you receive accuracy, value, timely delivery, clear communication and continuous innovation. 

Data capture & processing that’s fast and efficient

Keep your project moving forward with data delivered to tight deadlines. Woolpert have the people, systems and technology to deliver LiDAR data faster than anyone else in the market. Manage your interdependent tasks and teams with greater ease by getting reliable LiDAR data delivered as quickly as you need it.  Read more about LiDARnetics – our fast LiDAR processing system – below.


LiDAR captured, processed & delivered within 24 hours

Our clients’ data is expertly processed by industry specific leads across a global team of specialists, data processors and powerful servers to transform billions of LiDAR points into actionable intelligence. LiDARnetics –  Woolpert’s trademarked automated LiDAR processing system – leverages cloud-based processing and machine-learning tools to process data faster and more intelligently with each new job.  Every month LiDARnetics processes up to 6,000 km² of LiDAR data using Artificial Intelligence for feature definition. On average LiDARnetics processes each project in under four hours, taking less than one hour for classification. 

With Woolpert’s airborne LiDAR survey, you will get your data when you need it so you can make those critical decisions on time.

Clients who use Woolpert's Aerial LiDAR surveying

“Woolpert delivered a high-quality product. Minor defects such as cloud patches were rapidly dealt with and corrected. Product delivery was rapid with no surprises.”

John Gibson, Senior GIS Analyst, Greater Wellington Te Pane Matua Taiao

Enhance your decisions with useable LiDAR data

Sometimes your LiDAR survey dataset is so large and complex it’s hard to decipher. Or perhaps the survey technologies used to capture your data failed to deliver information you could actually use. Making critical decisions is difficult when you don’t understand your data or how to derive actionable insights from it.

We can help you to understand the what, why, when and how of the LiDAR technology and survey methods used to capture and deliver your data. This helps you to properly assess our recommendations. Together, we can find the optimal solution to solve your problem.

Woolpert’s Aerial LiDAR survey delivers data that you can understand, so you can make more informed decisions fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many factors that determine when we can fly to capture your LiDAR data which can impact cost, such as:
* Air traffic control restrictions
* Weather conditions
* Tidal flows
* Angle of the sun
* Availability of the right aircraft and the right sensor for the job

Other factors that affect the cost of your airborne LiDAR survey include:
* Size of the survey area
* Distance of the survey area from air base
* Terrain conditions
* Level of accuracy required (which is influenced by how you intend to use your LiDAR data)
* LiDAR processing considerations: larger and/or more complex data requires more time, computing power and/or human intervention to process.

Like any flight, our departure times depend on the weather.

We must also factor in our current pipeline of work and equipment availability. But if you need your data urgently, we have different options to meet your needs. Talk to us about your project and we’ll work out a solution.

With our efficient LiDAR processing system, you can get your data quickly . Most projects take a few weeks to a few months depending on how much data there is, and how many servers are needed to process the data. We can put more servers on the job if you need the data urgently. 

With UAV LiDAR, we can get up to 2000 points per square meter of resolution. With fixed-wing LiDAR we can get about 1-50 points per square meter of resolution, with an accuracy of <10cm. But your project might not need all the data we can get. The level of resolution and accuracy needed depends on the problem you need to solve and how you plan to use your LiDAR data.

All standard point cloud formats:
* LAZ/LAS 1.2
* LAZ/LAS 1.3
* LAZ/LAS 1.4

Custom formats:
* ESRI Shapefile
* MapInfo TAB
* Autocad DXF/DWG

Derived products from LiDAR point cloud (grid):
* DTM (Digital Terrain Model)
* DSM (Digital Surface Model)
* CHM (Canophy Height Model)
* FCM (Foliage Cover Model)
* Difference DEM
* Isopach (Difference)
* Contours

Standard delivery formats for gridded derived products:
* ESRI Binary
* ASCII XYZ (Space, Comma)
* MapInfo VMapper
* Geotiff

Standard delivery format for contours:
* ESRI Shapefile
* MapInfo TAB
* Microstation DGN
* Autocad DXF/DWG

We can translate the data to any custom format. If your required format is not listed here, just let us know.

When deciding on whether UAV/drone technology is needed for a project, we consider the location, the size of the area being surveyed, and the resolution required. Some projects don’t need the type of clarity achieved through UAV. Some projects benefit with fixed-wing AND drone LiDAR. What we recommend, depends on the problem and the result you need.

Yes! Geocirrus is our catalogue of premium geospatial data. In addition to LiDAR data we have aerial imagery, 3D models and mesh.

We supply the data under AAM’s license or to our clients’ IP.

Once our clients have received and accepted our priced proposal for their project, we initiate a formal project handover. A dedicated project manager talks to our client to clarify that both sides understand the aim and scope of the project. We schedule the appropriate aircraft and sensor to start gathering data, whilst sending regular updates to our clients as each major milestone is reached. Once all the data is captured we send it to our processing team. We process and translate the data into our client’s preferred format, then deliver it via a cloud-based platform or hard disk drive.

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How Does LiDAR surveying work?

Airborne LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) uses drone technology and laser scanners to measure the height of discrete points in the landscape below the aircraft. The scanner records the time difference between the emission of the laser pulse and the reception of the reflected signal back from the surface below.
As an aerial survey, LiDAR can capture data for hundreds of square kilometres in a day with a height accuracy down to +/- 10cm. When mounted on ground vehicles and tripods it produces traditional ground surveys with greater accuracy. It can penetrate dense canopy and combine with other technology to capture vegetation around critical assets.

AAM LiDAR surveying delivers accurate terrain data sets to assist with:


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