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2014 Australian Lean Construction Conference

2014 Australian Lean Construction Conference

AAM Pty Ltd is proud to partner with the Lean Construction Institute of Australia and support their 4th Australian Lean Construction Conference at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, 12 – 14 August 2014.

The Lean Construction Institute is a not-for-profit organisation led by a cross section of industry representatives in the gas, oil, mining, and building construction fields that are driving transformation and productivity improvement across Australia through Lean project delivery.

The theme for 2014 is Smarter and Leaner Projects in Australia. This event brings together global best practices from internationally acclaimed practitioners and innovative technologies to overcome the challenges facing the industry today. With Australia’s competition increasing and project costs spiraling, every company’s goal has become to adopt “lean” as a culture.

More information about the LCIA and their activities (including conference speakers and registration) can be found via the event website at http://leanconstructionconference.org.au/

The recognition of the efficiencies gained by adopting lean construction practices is the subject of a recent online article posted to the AEC Cafe website:

Increasing Efficiency By Adopting Lean Construction Practices

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