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Creating smarter cities

Creating smarter cities

The aim of any city should be to improve the quality of life for its inhabitants, but with the recent quantum leaps in technology redefining how cities are planned, that task has shifted into radical new directions. Using GIS data Governments are now  able to create smart city models, to improve infrastructure planning, utilities management and provide complex, robust IT systems.

At the forefront of this sits Singapore, who recently commissioned AAM to collect spatial data using LiDAR to define the terrain and everything on it, and aerial imagery to record building facades across all Singapore.  AAM deployed both aerial and street-level LiDAR. AAM then compiled and delivered Digital Terrain Models (DTM), contours, and orthophotos which were used to create photo-realistic, accurate 3D building models of every building in Singapore.

This data proved invaluable to the JTC Corporation (Singapore’s leading developer of industrial infrastructure), with whom AAM developed a 3D property management system, which will draw heavily on the raw power of 3D GIS.  Users are able to use the innovative 2D/3D Web viewer, to view and select commercial or office space across Singapore. The application for GIS data in developing smart city models is endless and Singapore has proven that this is just the beginning.

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Singapore uses GIS data to develop its smart cities model

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