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AAM assists Singapore Government’s tech advancements in 3D Mapping

AAM assists Singapore Government’s tech advancements in 3D Mapping

While many people are thinking about mapping out a city in 3D, Singapore is actually doing it. The Singapore Government has embraced 3D mapping as an integral part of its smart nation program and AAM is at the forefront of this.

AAM started working on the development of Singapore’s 3D National Map through an award winning project with the Singapore Land Authority (SLA),” explains Daniel Kruimel, AAM’s Business Development Manager for South East Asia. “This project involved conducting a country-wide airborne LiDAR and imagery survey, which was then used to generate 3D building models for the entire nation. Following on from this project, we have now established an office in Singapore and are working with a number of Government agencies to apply our geospatial expertise to their Smart Nation initiatives.”

Subsequent projects have included a challenging mobile mapping survey of Singapore’s 5,500km road network and development of a 3D GIS Space Management system for JTC Corporation, Singapore’s national developer of industrial infrastructure.

“The JTC Space Management project saw AAM showcase our capabilities beyond the generation of 3D content. GIS has been widely adopted throughout the Singapore Government and this project literally added another dimension, allowing marketing departments and building managers to visualize the entire building in 3D – both inside and out. This is all carried out through a web browser making the system easily accessible for all relevant stakeholders.”

“Singapore has an extensive network of underground spaces, ranging from retail to commercial, or even just linkways to keep people sheltered from the weather. Given the work that AAM has carried out above ground, it makes logical sense that the next phase of the 3D National Map will see Singapore’s underground infrastructure mapped out.”

“The indoor mapping industry is currently going through an exciting period of development and innovation. We are really looking forward to working with our various partners to see how these advancements can be used to help Singapore realise its 3D vision.”

Daniel Kruimel of AAM utilizing hand-held laser scanning technology to map out Singapore’s unique void decks

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