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AAM triumphs at WA Spatial Excellence Awards

AAM triumphs at WA Spatial Excellence Awards

On 18 September the AAM team was awarded the prestigious WA Spatial Excellence Award. AAM was recognised for its technical excellence for a survey of the Tonkin Highway in Western Australia. The project for Main Roads (WA) received the highly contested prize for Technical Excellence and went on to win the overall Award for most Outstanding Project

The Tonkin Highway Survey demonstrated excellent collaboration between client and consultant. To deliver the project AAM designed an integrated solution of varying capture technologies to meet the stringent project specification. The solution combined Terrestrial, Mobile and Airborne Laser Scanning capture to complete a comprehensive feature survey. The award selection committee recognised that the survey will “…set the benchmark for future complex road surveys that will inevitably be required to be delivered in a safe, cost efficient manner.”

Congratulations to the team involved in the execution and delivery of the project. The award demonstrates AAM’s ability to innovate and combine technologies to deliver solutions

The achievement is a true testament to the professional and innovative approach of AAM in meeting and exceeding client expectations. AAM would like to thank project staff from Main Roads WA for their support and contribution to the success of the project

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