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AAM Wins APSEA Export Award for Singapore’s Digital 3D Map

AAM Wins APSEA Export Award for Singapore’s Digital 3D Map

On Wednesday 5th April 2017, AAM was awarded the highly esteemed Export Award at the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (APSEA) for industry leading work to generate a 3D national map of Singapore in support of the city state’s Smart Nation agenda.

Kean Huat Soon (SLA), Dr Victor Khoo (SLA), Brian Nicholls (AAM), Boon Khai Tan (SLA), Mark Freeburn (AAM, Daniel Kruimel (AAM), Carly Lambert (AAM) and John Blackburn (AAM)

April 2017 saw Sydney host the Locate17 Conference in conjunction with the 10th International Symposium on Digital Earth (ISDE). Over 600 delegates descended upon the newly opened International Convention Centre for the conference. One of the key themes of Locate17 was the importance for governments to invest in digital infrastructure. AAM’s presentations emphasized this, showcasing how Singapore has created a digital 3D national map of the country to underpin its Smart Nation agenda.

In the Smart Cities stream, AAM’s Daniel Kruimel presented on the geospatial technologies utilized in constructing a 3D national map of Singapore. The presentation can be viewed here.

During a plenary session, in conjunction with AAM’s Brian Nicholls, Dr Victor Khoo from the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) delivered a keynote address on Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative. This complemented Daniel Kruimel’s presentation by expanding on why the National 3D Map is being built, along with applications that have already benefited from the extensive dataset. You can view their joint presentation here.

Brian Nicholls (AAM) delivering a keynote address with Dr Victor Khoo (Singapore Land Authority)

Prior to the Locate17 Conference, AAM’s Sydney office played host to a delegation of SLA staff, with primary discussion points focusing around how to ensure maximum return on investment on the 3D map, along with strategies to keep the critical piece of infrastructure up to date. As with any piece of infrastructure, whether it be a highway or a digital 3D city model, investment in maintenance is key to ensure the asset is used to its full potential for many years to come.

Boon Khai Tan (Singapore Land Authority) and Scott Ramage (AAM).

For more information about the benefits of investing in digital geospatial infrastructure, please email AAM.

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