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BBC’s Click Shines a light on Virtual Singapore

BBC’s Click Shines a light on Virtual Singapore

Click is BBC’s flagship technology programme, showcasing the latest trends in consumer technology around the world.  One of their most recent episodes looks into the connected devices currently being trialled in Singapore, one of the world leaders for Smart Cities.

This includes Virtual Singapore, which is a dynamic collaborative data platform currently being developed under an initiative from the National Research Foundation (NRF), a division of the Prime Minister’s Office.  Over the past few years, AAM has been collaboratively working with stakeholders in the Singapore Government to produce a national 3D map to feed into the platform.  This has included coordinating both an airborne and mobile mapping survey of the entire city state to acquire the base datasets behind these 3D models.  Additional ground based techniques have been implemented to further enhance the models in order to improve user experience while using Virtual Singapore.

A presentation on the work AAM has been conducting in support of Singapore’s Smart Nation program can be downloaded from here.

For more info, please contact singapore@aamgroup.com (or info@aamgroup.com )


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