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Hot Wheels, DR Who and AAM

Hot Wheels, DR Who and AAM

A ground breaking promotion by Hot WheelsTM relied upon accurate 3D building models for its success. The model, developed by AAM, was used for 3D projection mapping onto the heritage listed Customs House in Sydney. 3D projection mapping is a technology that projects images (typically CGI) on to a three dimensional surface instead of a flat screen to give the appearance of movement on that object.

AAM’s High Definition Survey (HDS) team captured the building façade using Terrestrial Laser Scanning to create a highly accurate 3D model of the building exterior. The model was then used by highly skilled design agencies to design short films that project exactly onto the building, without distortion and giving the effect of movement.

You can see the Youtube clip of the Hot WheelsTM promotion here.

This technology was again used at this year’s Vivid festival to celebrate 50 years of Dr. Who. The video for this event can be seen here.

The project is a great example of the spatial industry providing fundamental data to the arts and entertainment industry.

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                             Custom House                                                                            Scanned Intensity Image

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