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RapidEye Mosaics Now Available

RapidEye Mosaics Now Available

AAM is pleased to promote RapidEye Mosaics™. Nine areas are currently covered by the “Off The Shelf” series: Malawi, DR Congo, Eritrea, Uzbekistan, North Korea, Bangladesh, Oman and Hawaii (see overview map below). More RapidEye Mosaics™ are in production for Africa and Asia.

These existing image mosaics offer a number of benefits such as being easy to order, GIS ready, rapid product access and cost effective given use of ‘recent’ imagery.

Mosaic Sample Data is available online by clicking here.

Click here to view the Detailed Mosaic Specifications (19 page PDF).

Contact us to discuss your requirements now.

  1. Easy to Order – no production required with this ‘Off the shelf’ imagery
  2. Hassle Free format – GIS ready: just “Open & Go’ 5m pixels, 3 band Natural Colour, orthocorrected, 8 bit
    GEOTIFF (tiled), WGS84 UTM
  3. “Current Imagery” – mosaic created from images over a short collection range; relative for each location
  4. Rapid access via 5 delivery options – FTP, DVD/HDD, RapidEye hosted OGC Web Map Services; RapidEye
    hosted OGC Web Map Tile Services; RapidEye hosted Esri™ image service
  5. Cost effective – contiguous areas as small as 500sqkm can be purchased (10km between vertices)
    (refer detailed specifications for details)

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