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Bridging the gap with future geospatial professionals

Bridging the gap with future geospatial professionals

AAM, a Woolpert Company is passionate about our current and future workforce. As such, we are incredibly proud of our employees participating in the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI)’s Young Professionals (YP) Mentoring Program.  

Now in its fifth year, the SSSI YP Mentoring Program has a proven track record for initiating both personal and professional growth among its network of surveying and spatial professionals.  

Engaged as both mentors and mentees, our team thoroughly enjoyed connecting with other members of the industry, sharing experiences, ideas, and insights along the way. 

Chris Earls, AAM Data Processing Specialist Team Leader, has been a mentor of the program for two years and is motivated to participate again next year. “Having multiple mentors throughout my career, it was rewarding to be able to do the same. I was encouraged by the quality of young people I was speaking with, interested in furthering their careers.” 

Not only does the SSSI YP Mentoring Program make a real difference in the career prospects of the mentee but inspires transformative thinking of the mentor. Through the power of reflection and a fresh perspective into the industry, the mentor leaves the program just as fulfilled. 

AAM Geospatial Analyst Henrique Reis concurs, seeing an opportunity to learn himself while considering multiple points of view. “When I was trying to introduce myself to the geospatial industry in Australia, as a mentor, it was essential to understand the different ambitions of the industry. With various topics to be discussed and different perspectives to consider, I was motivated to delve deeper and learn about the industry’s connections with different sectors to achieve geographic solutions in the face of new technologies.” 

Previous mentor, Geosolutions Consulting Team Lead Mukesh Vyas saw the program as rewarding for all participants. “The YP Mentoring Program is the answer to bridging the gap between emerging young talent and established professionals in this space. It prepares the mentee for entering the Geospatial world based on their own interests, while giving the mentor the means to give back to the geospatial community.” 

The intergenerational transfer of knowledge and wisdom supports the future of the Australian surveying and spatial industry, strengthening the mentees confidence and inspiring a career pathway in spatial science.  

Current mentee, Geospatial Analyst Bernadette Tan, found clarity in the program, which helped her identify next steps for her professional growth. “Working alongside a mentor in a similar position, was an opportunity for me to gain a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of a geospatial analyst and their perspectives on a variety of topics from an individual level to a global scale. I also hope to evaluate my own skills as an employee within AAM and finding what else needs to be undertaken to develop my career in the field.”

Similarly, fellow mentee and  Geospatial Analyst Gordon Su, saw the program as a chance to refine his soft skills that could then be applied to elevate his career. “I hope to develop my communication and time management skills, and to become a better team player. This program has enabled me to think deeper about my career goals and development.” 

Our team  engaged  as both mentors and mentees as connecting with other members of the industry through reflections, knowledge exchange and guidance are key to nourishing the future of our profession.

Find out more about the SSSI YP Mentoring Program on the SSSI website, and learn more about opportunities offered at AAM, by heading to our Careers page. 

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