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Virtual Sydney set to revolutionalise the planning, infrastructure and property development process of Sydney

Virtual Sydney set to revolutionalise the planning, infrastructure and property development process of Sydney

AAM were delighted to have the Hon Paul Fletcher, MP (Minister for Urban Infrastructure) officially launch Virtual Sydney on 20 November 2017.

Virtual Sydney was developed in conjunction with Regional Development Australia, Sydney (RDA Sydney).

Virtual Sydney is an extensive 3D model of the built environment of Sydney and its metropolitan precincts – easily accessible via AAM’s online GEOCIRRUS platform. Relevant overlays are displayed via the GEOCIRRUS Viewer,  which also provides an extensive suite of tools at the users’ disposal – all from the convenience of an internet browser.

Virtual Sydney is offered as a pay-for-use subscription service (a first in the marketplace) and requires no software, plugin or special hardware, allowing for significant cost savings for a wide variety of applications and users.

Virtual Sydney’s graphical and spatial presentation of data provides a clear and accurate 3D visualisation of current and what-if scenarios. Plans and ideas can be easily visualised and communicated between different users, allowing for effective collaboration during every stage in the development process.


Image on Left: Virtual Sydney Launch (from left to right) Bob Germain, Executive Director, RDA; The Hon Paul Fletcher; Mark Freeburn, CEO, AAM
Image on Right: Screen grab of Virtual Sydney displaying Overlay of Height of Buildings

Virtual Sydney will be of particular interest to public and private sectors for a wide variety of applications such as evaluating strategic infrastructure, transport and spatial land-use; current and what-if scenario, long-term planning and economic development; property business and investment location; and also by government as a tool for communication with the public and potential investors.

Executive Officer of RDA Sydney, Bob Germaine said, “Virtual Sydney is an exciting new planning tool as it will allow all levels of government to more easily envisage the future and prepare future scenarios for Sydney with an integrated, whole of government approach.”

Virtual Sydney enables numerous spatial data layers to be simultaneously viewed, delivering a comprehensive picture with respect to the various plans that apply to the Sydney Metropolitan area, enhancing strategic planning with respect to infrastructure, assets, public transport,  roads and railways.

We envisage Virtual Sydney playing a pivotal role in facilitating the uptake of 3D modelling for improved ‘whole of city’ strategic planning for Sydney.

Virtual Sydney was recently awarded for “Innovation and Commercialisation” at the NSW Spatial Excellence Awards 2017.

AAM CEO, Mark Freeburn says that, “Virtual Sydney follows on from AAM’s development of 3D modelling software and data being used for the base model for 3D maps of Singapore, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Brisbane city, Melbourne city, Sydney city, Hobart, Waverly and Geelong Councils, as well as most cities in New Zealand including Auckland and Wellington.”

Watch the video below for an overview of how Virtual Sydney benefits many sectors and stakeholders in the community.

Please click here if you would like more information or to sign up to Virtual Sydney.


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