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Woolpert launches at Locate23

Woolpert launches at Locate23

Every year, the Locate conference draws in a diverse array of international delegates, from industry insiders to those from sectors where geospatial technologies find significant application. Held this year in the heart of Adelaide, the premier Asia-Pacific geospatial conference offered a unique platform for attendees to discover and engage with the latest trends and applications in geospatial technologies. 

Locate23 marked a significant milestone for us at Woolpert as we made our Asia-Pacific foray, embracing our footprint in the region with a series of pivotal presentations, partnerships, and an esteemed award. 

Launching Woolpert in the Asia-Pacific 

As we introduced our rebranding as Woolpert to the Asia-Pacific, we were delighted to invite our valued clients, partners, and industry colleagues to join us on this exciting occasion. Our presence was felt across various platforms, from delivering enlightening workshops to setting up a vibrant Woolpert display joined by our respected technology partners, Ecopia AI and VertiGIS. 

Joseph Seppi, Geospatial Sector Leader and Senior Vice President, travelled from the United States to discuss ‘Geospatial Evolutions – From Map to Multiverse?’ in the plenary session. Joe’s presentation covered insights around geospatial as an industry, how we came to be and where are we heading, and the role of geospatial data. 

Unleashing the Power of Geospatial AI 

Daniel Kruimel, Asia-Pacific Sales Manager, teamed up with Abigail Coholic of Ecopia AI to deliver a ground-breaking workshop on ‘Geospatial AI: Unleashing the Power of 3D Land Cover Across Australia.’ They introduced attendees to the first-of-its-kind 3D Land Cover Vector Map across major Australian cities developed by Woolpert in conjunction with Ecopia. 

Ecopia’s proprietary artificial intelligence systems, harnessing sub-15 cm imagery, have created a 14-feature Land Cover of the synthetic and natural environment. Layers include 3D buildings, roads, bridges, railways, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, swimming pools, sports fields, water bodies, forests, grasslands, bare lands, and paved areas. This fusion of advanced technology and sophisticated algorithms allows routine updates, ensuring the most current information is available without compromising quality. In addition, the workshop allowed attendees to explore the potential applications of this innovative technology in various fields, such as rapid change detection, stormwater fee calculations, environmental management, and urban planning. 

Ms Coholic said it was great to be part of Locate23 to showcase the latest in GIS innovation between Ecopia AI and Woolpert. 

“During our workshop we explored how we match GIS Engineering Quality and how this content revolutionises analytics across all sectors.” 

Recognising Excellence 

Amidst the enriching discussions and presentations, there was a moment of immense pride for Woolpert at the Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence (APSEA) Awards. Our Director of Advisory and Innovation, Dr Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse, was awarded the coveted Professional of the Year award. Hosted by the Geospatial Council of Australia (GCA), this award is a testament to the practitioner’s professional achievements, embodying the highest standards of excellence and ethical conduct. 

Asia-Pacific Vice President Brian Nicolls congratulated Dr Mohamed-Ghouse on his award win. 

“This is a wonderful and richly deserved award, as Zaffar’s vision, insight, humility and sheer hard work are an inspiration to so many within our Geospatial community.” 

Connecting Data to Economic Value 

Further, Dr Mohamed-Ghouse joined industry thought leaders to deliver a workshop on the ‘Economic Value of Data.’ The insightful session encouraged participants to contribute to an industry white paper and an initiative to develop a framework for evaluating geospatial data’s economic value.  


Geospatial Through a Marketing Lens 

Complementing our technical presentations, Steven Henderson, Marketing and Communications Manager, offered a unique perspective on ‘geospatial through a marketing lens.’ He delved into how geospatial communicators simplify complex scientific messaging, acting as translators between creators and end-users who ultimately benefit from the data. 

Looking back at #Locate23, we’re humbled by the opportunity to sponsor this premier event and proud of our strides in the Asia-Pacific region. We’re thankful for the warm reception and the enthusiastic embrace of our brand and vision. This marks the next stage of a transformative journey for Woolpert as we establish ourselves as part of the world’s premier geospatial firm in this dynamic region. 

About Locate 

Established as a premier geospatial and surveying conference in the Asia-Pacific region, Locate Conferences Australia Pty Ltd offers a unique platform for industry professionals, academics, and anyone interested in the geospatial sector. Known for its focus on innovation, collaboration, and networking, the conference is pivotal in highlighting the latest trends, advancements, and applications. 

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