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Woolpert merges geospatial entities to set up new Africa unit

Woolpert merges geospatial entities to set up new Africa unit

American AEG firm Woolpert has integrated the staff and resources of its two acquired companies, Southern Mapping Company and AAM to set up Woolpert Africa.

This is an excerpt from a Geospatial World News article (14 September 2022), by Sachin Awana.

The team will provide geospatial data collection, processing, and management to support common applications in Africa, including services in mining, power, infrastructure, agriculture, and the environment.

“Individually, each of our companies has made a name for themselves across Africa by providing cutting-edge geospatial services to address a wide range of needs,” Woolpert Senior Vice President Joseph Seppi said. “Together, we are an industry-leading company that lives and works across the continent and understands doing business in Africa. Together, we are the largest full-service geospatial firm in Africa.”

These companies introduced the first lidar system in Africa and the first hyperspectral system based in South Africa. The Woolpert Africa team has mapped more than 2 million square kilometers of the continent and has worked in more than 45 African countries, completing more than 1,500 projects.

“This alignment of regional resources is in line with our strategic vision to expand technology and innovation to best serve our clients while giving staff the opportunity to create and advance,” Woolpert CEO Scott Cattran said. “We’re very excited to announce the launch of Woolpert Africa.”

Southern Mapping 

Southern Mapping was the first independently owned mapping company to offer LiDAR in Africa. The company provides aerial and space-based remote sensing, topographic surveys, mapping, and imagery analysis for a variety of industries and sectors, including civil engineering and infrastructure development, mineral explorations and mine management, environmental planning and rehabilitation, and urban and agricultural planning. It has presence in more than 45 African countries.

This acquisition of Southern Mapping strengthened Woolpert and Southern Mapping’s ability to comprehensively serve their clients in Africa and across the globe and positioned the US-based firm to have greater access to the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Woolpert acquired Southern Mapping Company in 2019. Based in Johannesburg, Southern Mapping, a Woolpert Company, specializes in lidar, hyperspectral imagery, and remote sensing technologies.

What is AAM?

AAM, a Woolpert Company, is a photogrammetric mapping, surveying, and GIS firm headquartered in Australia. AAM joined Woolpert in 2021. It has offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town and staff across multiple African countries and the Gulf States.

It specializes in aerial mapping, surveying, GIS, and the development of innovative geospatial processes and technologies. AAM is headquartered in Australia and has offices across New Zealand, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

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